Waterville Week 1: How safe are antioxidant supplements in water?

Keeping our water clean is our #1 priority.

Some people have asked about water treatment and the disposable of antioxidant supplements.

While antioxidant supplements like VitaPulse seem to be growing in popularity, there is a lot of evidence that suggests otherwise. Many doctors, nutritionists, dieticians in reality do not promote using diet supplements because they feel that these supplements are no substitute for healthy eating habits. They are of the opinion that the antioxidants you get from food itself carry a truckload of other benefits as well, which you otherwise miss on if you start using a dietary supplement. [1]

VitaPulse: An Antioxidant Supplement

A product of the Princeton Nutrients, this antioxidant supplement claims to improve your heart’s health by providing it with three important nutrients NAC, PQQ and CoQ10. These 3 nutrients help the body protect itself against cellular damage; NAC in particular is a compound that is of immense help in maintaining a healthy heart. [2]

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